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From: “oranges, lemons and cherries”
Subject: An Experiment With ManuelAn Experiment With Manuel - written by loopyMy doctor’s name is Jeff Penteck, and I’ve been seeing him for about 3
or 4 years. The doctor I had before that retired, which is when I was
told about Dr. Penteck by a friend. Dr. Penteck struck me as a bit of an odd character right from the first
time I met him, but I couldn’t put my finger on the reason why. He came
across as somewhat shy - almost like he found it hard to look me
directly in the eye. He’s probably in his mid-thirties, and is a fairly
average-looking man - not striking in any way, except for his voice,
which is soft and almost erotic. Over the years, his manner hasn’t
changed at all, but I’ve grown used to it, and comfortable with him as
my doctor.Six or seven months after I had first met him, I told Dr. Penteck that
I’m gay. It’s one of those things that a sexually active gay man should
inform a doctor about - especially since regular HIV tests are important
even when practicing safe sex. I’ve largely had good responses by the
people in my life who I’ve come out to, but still, I watched him closely
for what kind of reaction he would give me. I wanted to get a sense
about whether or not he was gay-positive, because if not, I would
probably have started looking for a different doctor. But he really
gave no reaction at all - he just made a note on my file. He is a very
difficult person to read, but I definately did not get any negative
vibes from his reaction, so I assumed that my sexual orientation was not
an issue for him.Like I said, I’ve been seeing him for years now - every six months or so
for one reason or another. A few months ago, his office called me and
asked me to come in for an appointment. This had never happened before,
and it made me pretty nervous. Why would a doctor request an
appointment with me if nothing was wrong? I tried to think back on my
previous appointment 3 months before. It had been for a complete
physical, including a HIV test, but surely that could not be the reason
I’d been called in. If there had been a problem with the test, I would
have been called back much earlier. Still, I was nervous - what if….?I am a 25 year old male, fit but not terribly muscular. I run every day
but I don’t otherwise work out. I’m sexually active but don’t have a
steady partner - when I feel the need, I often will pick up men at the
bar for a night. I’m good looking enough that I can usually get fairly
sexy partners, and I enjoy physical, sweaty sex. I always play safe
because I have every intention of living a long, healthy life. I’ve had
longer term partners a few times in my life - usually no longer than 6
months or so. I’m not certain that I’m good relationship material,
although it’s quite possible that I may just not have met the right guy
up to now. Anyway, based on my lifestyle - regular exercise, eating
well, and safe sex (albeit with various partners) - I’m hopeful that I
don’t put myself at too much risk of any sort of health problem.So anyway, when I went in to see Dr. Penteck after his office called me,
I was rather concerned about why I might be there. I sat down in his
office, and he joined me shortly. I found it odd that he was looking at
me fairly intently as he sat down - especially since he so rarely made
eye contact during past visits. My heart started to beat heavily as I
waited for Nymphets Lolitas him to speak. I was almost certain now that something must
be wrong.”I’m doing a study on a new drug”, he said, “and I’m wondering if you’d
be willing to be involved in some tests of the drug”.”Why?”, I asked nervously, “have I contracted something I don’t know
about yet?”Dr. Penteck appeared to recognize the fear in my voice. “No, no,” he
said, “nothing like that. The reason I’m asking you is because you’re
gay. It’s a drug that heightens sexual feelings in men, but it doesn’t
affect women at all. Some studies have been done with heterosexual men
on the drug, Nymphets Lolitas who had described their experiences with their female
partners while under its influence. But I want to do a Nymphets Lolitas study with gay
men - where they share their experiences while both are using the drug”.Heightened sexual feelings? I was definately intested in hearing more.
I asked him questions about how safe the drug is - and he assured me
there were no known side effects - although, if I was used in the study,
I would have to sign a form indicating that I was agreeing to
participate knowing that the drug was experimental, and that I would not
have the right to sue anyone if anything went wrong. I was intrigued,
and told Dr. Penteck that I was interested. He informed me that he
would be talking to 15 Nymphets Lolitas or 20 gay men, but that he would only be choosing
two of them to participate in the study. He gave me a questionnaire,
and told me to fill it out, explaining that based on the answers on the
questionnaire, the two most appropriate gay men would be chosen for the
study. He told me it was very important that I be completely honest on
the questionnaire, and assured me that the information provided would be
kept confidential. He asked that I return the questionnaire to him by
the following day.The questionnaire started off asking some pretty basic questions - my
age, height and weight, etc. The questions became more and more
personal, asking me about my sexual habits and my desires. Question #15
asked if I considered myself more of a “top” or a “bottom” sexually - I
responded “bottom”, so I was directed to go to question #25. Questions
#16 through #24 were for tops only. The questions after #25 asked me what types of sexual acts I had been
involved in. Then I was asked what types of things I had fantasized
about, but hadn’t yet participated in. The questions got more and more
personal - asking me what types of fantasies I’d had in the past that
turned me on in fantasy, but that were beyond what I believed I’d want
to try in real life. I thought back to what Dr. Penteck had said - that Nymphets Lolitas

it was very important to be honest. Was I willing to put *everything* I
had ever fantasied about down on this questionnaire? The thought made
me quite nervous, because sometimes my fantasies can be a bit bizarre.
Not that I would *ever* try some of them - there’s no way. Like when
I’d heard about watersports and scat - the idea completely disgusted me,
and yet turned me on at the same time. I think I get turned on by the
idea of being forced to submit to another man entirely, so the idea of a
man pissing or shitting on me turned me on due to it being the ultimate
in control over me - because I would never willingly allow someone to do
that to me. But that was just it - in fantasy, it was a thrill - in
reality, I would never allow it. I re-read the question - these
fantasies that I would never be willing to act out appeared to be
exactly what the questionnaire was asking me to share. I was
uncomfortable about it, but I slowly started writing down the answers -
with complete honesty. I wondered how comfortable I’d be seeing Dr.
Penteck after knowing he had read these things about me. I returned the questionnaire to his office the next day. I was just
supposed to drop it off, and then wait for a follow-up call within a
week to find out if I would be used in the study. I eyed the
receptionist as I handed her the questionnaire, which, of course, I had
sealed in an envelope. Did she know what the questions were about?
Dr. Penteck had assured me that he alone would see the answers, but
still, I was nervous. But the receptionist barely glanced at me, and
threw my yellow envelope into a pile of 5 or 6 similar envelopes behind
her desk. What if she left her desk for a moment, and someone came by
and stole the yellow envelopes? I realized I was being stupid. I left
the office, and headed off to work, hoping the week would go by quickly
and I would find out whether or not I was in the study. Quite honestly, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be in the study or not.
The whole idea of heightened sexual feelings was definately a turn-on
for me, but Dr. Penteck had implied that I would have to have sex with
the other man chosen for the study - and then talk about my experience Nymphets Lolitas

afterwards. I was concerned what would happen if I found the other man
in the study to be unappealing - what if I didn’t want to have sex with
him? And even if I did - how comfortable would I be talking about it in
detail afterwards? Could I really sit down with Dr. Penteck and have a
discussion about how I’d felt while having sex? The idea made me a bit
uncomfortable.Four days after handing in the questionnaire, I received a message on my
answering maching asking me to go in to Dr. Penteck’s office for an
appointment. I made an appointment for the following day. Dr. Penteck
had a huge smile on his face when I arrived.”Well, congratulations”, he said. “I’ve Nymphets Lolitas decided that you are perfect
for the study that I want to do, so with your permission, I’d like to
proceed with the paperwork”.I had him explain further about what would be required of me, and how
the drug would affect me. He told me that I would be expected to have
sex with the other person who had been chosen for the experiment - a guy
named Manuel. I liked the sound of that already, as I have always been
turned on by latin guys. He explained that Manuel defines himself as a
“top” who, like me, has had various sexual experiences with various men,
who has fantasies about things he would like to try, and fantasies about
other things that he doubts he would ever try. He told me that the drug
would allow both Manuel and I to feel much more sexual than we have
before, and that it would allow us to let go of inhibitions so that we
might experiment with things we had never tried.”But there are things I put in that questionnaire that I don’t want to
ever try”, I said.”Relax”, Dr. Penteck assured me. “No one is going to force you to do
anything. If you feel comfortable expanding your sexual experience with
Manuel, then that’s what will happen. But if at any point during your
sexual activity with him he wants you to do something you aren’t
comfortable with, simply don’t do it”.Hearing that made me feel considerably better.Dr. Penteck continued. “You need to know, however, that in your
questionnaire, you revealed a desire to play a submissive role with a
more dominant partner. Manuel indicated the same but opposite desire.
So obviously, there is some expectation that you will explore these
desires while on the drug. My experiment involves finding out how much Nymphets Lolitas
the drug makes you feel comfortable in doing so, and if it allows you to
find pleasure in sexual play that you might not have realized you would
feel”.This all sounded quite exciting to me - assuming I felt an attraction to
Manuel. Dr. Penteck seemed to read my mind. Nymphets Lolitas “If you want, I can take
you to meet Manuel at this time”. I quickly agreed.Down the hall, Manuel was waiting in another room. When I first saw
him, my jaw almost dropped - he oozed a sense of sexuality. He had an
aura of confidence in himself as a sexual being that created sweat on
the back of my neck. He was 29 years old, in fantastic physical shape,
and had a smile that might almost be considered evil - in a totally
sexual way. I could tell that he had been waiting to make sure that Nymphets Lolitas I
was acceptable to him, and I could tell that he, too, was relieved. “I
really get into blond bottom guys”, he told me. We spoke for a few more minutes and then Dr. Penteck told us that if we
were both comfortable, we just needed to sign the appropriate paperwork.
There were quite a few forms thrown in front of me, some of them pages
long, but Dr. Penteck gave me short explanations about what I was
signing, and I didn’t bother reading them all. I was just excited about
getting it on with Manuel, and was pleased to hear that the sexual part
of the experiment would take place the following Sunday - 3 days away.
Dr. Penteck had decided that we would have sex at his house, since he
lived on an achridge, and Manual and I could feel free to be as loud and
wild as we chose. Dr. Penteck encouraged us to take as much time as we
wanted together, and told us that the drug was likely to cause us to
have to work harder for an orgasm. He assured us, however, that we’d
have plenty of fun ‘working’ for it. Dr. Penteck asked that neither
Manuel nor I have an orgasm before Sunday.The following Sunday could not arrive soon enough for me. I followed
the map Nymphets Lolitas
Dr. Penteck had drawn indicating how to get to his home. He was
right - the place was very secluded and allowed for total privacy. I
was feeling nervous but excited about Nymphets Lolitas
what I was about to do. It had
been extremely hard not to masturbate over the previous days, because I
had been so turned on just by meeting Manuel. Dr. Penteck answered his door and led me into a room, where he had me
take a couple of pills with some water. He told me that I would have to
wait alone for about half an hour, and then he would take me in to meet
with Manuel.Over the next few minutes, I started feeling very odd. My head was
spinning a bit - like I was slightly drunk. I stood up to try to clear
my head a bit, but moving only made my head spin more, so I fell back
down into the chair.About ten minutes later, Dr. Penteck came back into the room. He had
the questionnaire I had filled out in his hands, and he told me I was to
read it. His voice sounded weird to me - almost like it echoed in my
ears as he spoke. I started reading the questionnaire - at first it was hard to keep my
eyes focused on it. I read all of the things I had written, and was
surprised again at how honest I had been. The more I read, the more
dizzy I began to feel. Reading about my secret fantasies Nymphets Lolitas also started
to make me feel extremely horny - to the point where I was tempted to
begin masturbating right there. I fought the urge, knowing that I would
much prefer to have my orgasm with Manuel, but I couldn’t completely
control myself, and I grabbed my cock through my jeans, squeezing it as
I read. Soon afterwards, Dr. Penteck came to take me to the room where Manuel
was waiting for me. I felt I was in a stupor as he pulled my arm and
led me down the hall - it was hard to walk on my own. He opened a door,
and Manuel was sitting on a chair in the centre of the room - except for
Manuel and the chair, the room was completely empty. Manuel seemed to
be having difficulty holding up his head, Nymphets Lolitas
although he snapped to
attention as Dr. Penteck and I entered.Manuel immediately spoke: “So here’s the fucking bitch”, he snarled.
“Come here, bitch”.I stumbled toward him, my cock feeling overwhelmed with pleasure between
my legs. Manuel stood up and started ripping at my clothes. I tried to
help him out, pulling at my belt buckle to loosen it. Both of us were
having a hard time standing, and we were grabbing at each other’s bodies
like two drunken men trying to help each other stand. Manuel grabbed my
hair Nymphets Lolitas and belched in my face. “Fucking bitch”, he said. Like Dr.
Penteck’s had earlier, Manuel’s voice sounded almost far away - like we
were in a tunnel together and he was yelling at me from a distance. I
was completely aroused by his roughness with me and hearing him call me
names.We managed to get my clothes onto the floor, and then I helped Manuel
undress before he fell back into his chair. I fell onto my knees before
him, grabbing at his knees to hold myself steady. Manuel had a
beautiful uncut cock and a big gob of precum oozing out from his skin.
He grabbed his cock and started wiping it across my face. “Lick my
fucking cock you stupid bitch”, he said in a slurred voice. I lapped
and kissed his cock in a frenzy, feeling wild with pleasure. He grabbed
my ears and started roughly pulling my head from side to side, rubbing
his cock all over my face. His cock stayed soft, and felt so good as is
pressed over my wet lips. Having him jerk Nymphets Lolitas my head around made me even
more dizzy, and I tried hard to hold on to his legs in order to feel
like I had some sense of control. “You stupid fucking bitch. You fantasize about fucking piss?! You
dream about eating shit?!” My mind was whirling around wildly Nymphets Lolitas as my face continued to be mashed
into Manuel’s soft cock. What had he just said? It sounded like he’d
been allowed to read my questionnaire. But I thought it was supposed to
be confidential - that only Dr. Penteck would see it. But my head was
so dizzy that I wasn’t even sure if it had been Manuel’s voice that I’d
heard, or if it was just a strange voice in my head. My ears were starting to hurt as Manuel continued to jerk my head around
while holding them. But the pain felt more like something I was hearing
about, rather than something I was actually feeling myself. I moved my
hands toward my ears, to see if I could pull his hands away. I lost all
sense of balance and my body fell toward the floor.”You stupid, worthless shit”, Manuel said harshly as he pushed my
shoulder with his foot so that I was lying on my back. I could feel him
climbing on top of me, but there was no effort to be gentle or careful -
or perhaps, like me, the drug had made him so uncoordinated that he
wasn’t able to crawl onto me with care. At any rate, I felt his knee in
my gut as he struggled to crawl over me. He collapsed over my body so
that his wet smelly armpit was pushed against my face. “Smell that, you fucking whore”, he commanded, and I took a big whiff of
his rank body odour. My mind jumped back to how hard I had attempted to
make sure that I was clean for this encounter - how I had showered and
scrubbed and even given myself an enema just to make sure that I was
totally clean for Manuel. He had clearly not done the same.”Lick it, bitch”, he snarled, and I began licking at his sweat. It was
intoxicating and my arousal only increased, although, like Manuel, my
cock stayed limp rather than getting hard. His rank sweat was being
rubbed all over my face as both he and I squirmed like animals in heat.
He moved his body so that his other armpit was stationed over my face,
and I licked at it wildly. Both of us were grunting and and grabbing at
each other, and it felt like there was nothing else happening in the
world - there was just Manuel and me, and we were going to have sex for
the rest of our lives.Manuel was crawling upwards, I could see his chest moving over my face,
then his stomache, then his rough pubic hair was grinding into my chin.
His knees were on either side of Nymphets Lolitas my chest, just under my armpits, and he
was humping at my face with his soft cock. “Take that you fucking
bitch! Put my huge cock in your worthless mouth! Lick out the fucking
skin - eat that dirty cock!”I grabbed at his ass in order to try guiding his cock into my mouth. We
were both so uncoordinated that his cock was slapping up and down on my
face, spewing precum all over me as it did so. I finally managed to get
it into my mouth, and to push my tongue under the skin. I could taste
the cheesy smegma as I lapped at his cock head. “That’s right,
cocksucking whore. Eat that filthy dick!” My mind reminded me that
this should have been completely disgusting - eating out his dirty
foreskin - but in fact, I felt in complete ecstacy as I chewed and
swallowed what I found there. The smell of the sweat in his bush that
kept grinding into my nose was rank, but again, it only fed my sexual
frenzy. He was pulling on my hair, humping my face like a crazed man,
and I was grabbing at his ass with equal passion.Suddenly, he pushed his pelvis forward and held it there, grinding into
my face. His cock, large but still not hard, was pushing back into my
throat. “Fucking toilet!”, he said, as the taste of his piss hit the
back of my throat. My mind went back to the questionnaire - I had said
that I didn’t want to do this. But at that moment, more than anything,
I wanted to drink down his spurting piss. It was bitter and strong, but
I sucked on his cock like my very survival was based on drinking his
urine. I felt I *needed* it - I drank it down in desperation. “You
like that, don’t you, fucking disgusting piece of shit!” If I had been
able to speak at that moment, I would have screamed out “Yes! I love
your piss! I need it!” - these are the words that were pounding in my
head. I wanted this man’s piss more than anything at that moment, and
as I felt the force of his piss decrease, and the last couple of spurts
splash into my mouth, I felt almost angry at his inability to give me
more.Manuel was still holding my hair in his fists as I felt him attempt to
crawl forward to sit on my face. His knees crushed into my shoulders,
as he attempted to keep his balance, finally falling with his ass hole
sitting firmly over my mouth. He looked down into my eyes, and spit in
my face. “Worthless trash!”, he said. I was in ecstacy. This god-like
man was taking complete control of me - treating me like he owned me -
and I loved it. Dr. Penteck’s voice echoed in my memory “If at any Nymphets Lolitas

point during your sexual activity with Manuel, he wants you to do
something you aren’t comfortable with, simply don’t do it”. I
recognized that there was nothing Manuel could do to me that I would not
completely submit to. On some level, I realized that the drug must have
brought me to such a state, but at that moment, I couldn’t have cared
less. All I wanted was to be Manuel’s total slave - his property - and
allow him to abuse me in any way he desired. Beyond that - I Nymphets Lolitas *needed*
him to do so - I wanted him to push every limit I had ever imagined that
I’d had - I wanted to be used, humiliated, degraded - I was desperate
for it.Manuel farted into my mouth and a cry of complete pleasure escaped my
lips. “Is that what you want, fucking toilet?”, he asked. “You want my
shit?”.My eyes stung with a feeling of complete pleasure as I begged for
Manuel’s shit. “Please - use me as your toilet. I want your shit. I
need it. I beg you for it!”. My voice was frantic. I was grasping at
Manuel’s legs, pleading for his shit. There was nothing that could have
satisfied me more at that moment than to feel his dirty waste entering
my mouth. My mind tried to remind me that it is absolutely disgusting
and vile to eat the shit of another man - that my desires were sick and
twisted. But I pushed these thoughts away as they didn’t matter at all
- I knew that I Nymphets Lolitas
wanted to eat Manuel’s shit, and reason and
clear-thinking were not going to get in the way.Suddenly, to my surprise, I heard Dr. Penteck’s voice. “Let’s go
outside”, he said, and I saw him reach out and take Manuel by the arm.
“Yeah”, Manuel said, “let’s go outside”.Manuel raised himself off of my face - I could see Dr. Penteck holding
Manuel’s arm to help him keep balanced. I then noticed Dr. Penteck’s
hard cock pointing out of the fly of his pants. Had he been here the
whole time? Dr. Penteck was leading Manuel away, and all I knew for certain is that
I wanted - needed - to eat Manuel’s shit. I scrambled after them,
unable to raise myself to my feet, so crawling behind them like a lame
dog, trying desperately to Nymphets Lolitas
keep up. They were moving through the house
too quickly, and I was calling to them “Please - please don’t leave me”.
Dr. Penteck looked back at me harshly - “If you want Manuel’s shit,
you’d better fucking hurry”. I continued to crawl behind them, out the
back door, down the steps, and onto the lawn. They continued to move
forward for another 20 feet as I pulled myself behind them on all fours.
They stopped in front of an old, dark brown outhouse. “Perhaps you’d like him to eat your shit here”, Dr. Penteck said to
Manuel.”Yes. Right here. I want the fucker to eat my shit”.Dr. Penteck opened the door of the outhouse, and suggested we all go
inside. Manuel stumbled in and I crawled behind him.”Do you remember what we discussed earlier?”, Dr. Penteck was saying to
Manuel.”Yes. I remember”. Manuel turned to me. “Climb down the fucking hole,
bitch”.Dr. Penteck reached over to the wall where there was a light switch. I
was surprised when the light came on down inside of the hole -
illuminating the piss, shit, and toilet paper previously distributed
down into the outhouse. There was a good five feet between the hole’s
opening and the point where I could see the slushy waste - and I had no
idea how deep the waste might be. I tried to steady myself on my knees, looking up at Manuel and Dr.
Penteck standing before me. “Can’t I just eat your shit from up
here?”, my eyes were pleading.”Nope”, Manuel said harshly, “a stupid bitch like you has to crawl down
into that fucking hole if you want my shit. Nymphets Lolitas Now do it, before I lose my
desire to take a dump”.I felt desperate for Manuel’s shit, so I grabbed onto the sides of the
toilet hole, and pulled myself toward it. Dr. Penteck helped me stand
so that I could drop one leg, and then the other, down into the toilet
opening. It was a tight squeeze to get my shoulders through, I had to
shrug one down, and then pull the other through, which was very
difficult in my drugged state, especially without being able to brace
myself with anything underneath me. My legs dangled down into the hole,
until I managed to slip my shoulders through, and fell down into the
stinking mess. The waste was deep - it came up just over my knees - and
the feeling was sticky and wet. But what was most overpowering was the
smell - who knew how long the shit had been rotting down there? My
stomache started to heave, and I actually threw up into the mess.I looked up to see Manuel looking down at me through the hole. “Kneel
down, you fucking sick perverted whore. Kneel before your master”.I fell to my knees in the stinking waste, feeling it rise up to my hips.
The thick brownish water rose just over my cock, coating it in slimy
shit and piss. I looked back up at Manuel - he was sitting down over me
- his ass about 3 feet above my face. He pushed a loud fart Nymphets Lolitas from his
ass, and it echoed through the outhouse. I suddenly realized that the effects of the drugs I’d been given were
not as strong as they had been earlier. Perhaps they were wearing off,
or perhaps it had been because I had thrown up. But one way or the
other, the sound of Manuel’s voice no longer seemed as distant and odd
as it had earlier, and my head, although still dizzy, was somewhat
clearer. It was then that it struck me exactly where I found myself -
kneeling in waste in the bottom of an outhouse, waiting for Manuel to
shit on me. Still, the drug was having enough of an effect to allow me
to push these thoughts aside, and to concentrate on the shit I had
worked so hard to be allowed to eat.I looked up at Manuel’s ass just as his hole pushed out and a long,
thick turd began to escape it. I could see Manuel’s eyes looking down
at me through his thighs. “Eat Nymphets Lolitas
my fucking shit, you worthless fucking
scum”.I opened my mouth just as the log fell from his ass, slapping me across
the face with a squishing sound. Manuel got up from the seat of the
toilet, and turned to look down into the hole, as I mashed his shit over
my face and into my mouth, frantically slurping it through my lips. Dr.
Penteck was also looking down at me. Manuel returned to the seat,
shitting a second log onto me. He again rose to watch me eat it, saying
“You’re a filthy, disgusting toilet”. I could feel my cock stiffen as
he said these words and I pushed his shit into my mouth. I noticed,
too, that Manuel was stroking frantically on his hard cock. I realized
that the effect of the drug was wearing off of both of us, since we were
both now able to get erections. Still, the effect of the drug was
enough to keep me wallowing in the shit and eating the logs Manuel was
dumping on my face. Suddenly, Manuel screamed out “I’m going to cum!!”, as he shot his load
down the hole and onto my face. “This is so fucking good!”, he shrieked
as his cock spurted out more and more thick white fluid. “Eat that
fucking cum, you asshole, cocksucking, toilet whore!”. I lapped at his
cum on my face, as I grabbed and pulled on my own hard cock like a mad
man. Within seconds, the most incredible, indescribable orgasm shot
through my cock. It kept pulsing and pulsing, over and over, lasting at
least 20 seconds as I shot load after load into the air. Dr. Penteck
stood at the hole, and he, too, came - spraying his load down on my
face. Manuel left the outhouse, and Dr. Penteck told me that he was going to
get a rope to help pull me out. He returned several mintues later, and
threw a thick rope with a knot in the end of it down into the hole. I
grabbed onto it and stood up, but the effects of the drug were still too
great, and I was unable to be coordinated enough to pull myself up. “Hmm”, Dr. Penteck said. “This isn’t good at all. This experiment has
already gone on much longer than I’d anticipated. I’m supposed to have
a bunch of guys over for a barbeque tonight, and they’ll be here in half
an hour or so. Can’t you try harder to get out?”I grabbed at the rope again, feeling frustrated and desperate. If Dr.
Penteck’s friends were to start arriving soon, I would need time to get
cleaned up.More attempts to get out were unsuccessful, and Dr. Penteck finally said
that he needed to go shower and change before his guests arrived. I
shouted at him “No!” as he turned off the light and left the outhouse,
but he ignored me.As time passed, my head became more and more clear. I managed to jump
up and grab the edges of the toilet hole, and was pulling myself upwards
toward freedom, when I heard the sound of laughter not far outside of
the outhouse. It was apparent that Dr. Penteck’s guests had arrived,
and I knew I was trapped. I allowed myself to drop back down just as
the door of the outhouse opened. To my horror, the light flipped on
down in the hole - but then I saw it was Manuel. “Are you still down there?”, he asked. And then he laughed. It was
obvious that he was no longer under the influence of the drugs either. “Yes, I’m still here”, I said with anger in my voice. “How the hell am
I going to get out?”Manuel laughed again. “I guess you’re stuck down there until the
party’s over”.”It’s not fucking funny, Manuel!”"Oh yeah it is - it’s fucking hysterical”.I saw him pulling out his cock. “What are you doing?”, I shouted.He put his hands to his lips, “Shhh, you don’t want to get caught down
there, do you?”And then, with a smile, he began pissing down on my face. I tried
jerking out of his way, but he just let the stream of piss follow me,
smiling the whole time. Then he shook his cock down at me, allowing the
last few drops to fall, flipped off the light, and left the outhouse,
whistling.I could hear the crowd growing out in Dr. Penteck’s yard. It sounded
like there were at least 20 people there. I couldn’t hear much of what
they were saying - only the odd word here and there. But I was
absolutely horrified when I overheard a man asking Dr. Penteck, “Which
way to your washroom”, and then hearing the doctor reply, “It’s inside
on the left - or, if you want, you can use the outhouse”. To my relief, the man chose the indoor washroom - but as time went on,
others decided that the outhouse was acceptable to them. A few
different men came in - I, of course remained totally silent - and,
without knowing I was down there, they pissed on me. No one flipped on
the light - the switch wasn’t obvious, and I guess most people don’t
assume there are lights in an outhouse, so luckily, I wasn’t discovered.The night wore on - Nymphets Lolitas it was getting dark outside, although I have no idea
how late it was. There were at least 6 or 7 men who had entered the
outhouse Nymphets Lolitas and pissed on me - I ended up losing count. Manuel came into
the outhouse one more time during the evening, to tell me that he was
trying to digest the burgers Nymphets Lolitas he’d eaten as fast as he could, so that he
could shit them into my mouth later on. He thought this was hysterical,
but I was outraged. He pissed on me again, and spit a huge wad of gob
onto my face before leaving.Finally, the sound of voices had died down, and I waited in the complete
darkness - was it safe to escape now? I was about to jump up to pull
myself from the hole when the door to the outhouse creaked open. It was
pitch black, and I fought to control my breathing so I wouldn’t be
caught. The man who had entered sat down on the toilet and immediately
farted. “Fuck!”, I thought. Here I had made it through the whole party
without anyone shitting on me, and now, right at the end, some fuckhead
was going to do just that. And not only that, but because I had been
ready to try jumping up to the hole right when this guy walked in, I was
now situated immediately below the hole. If I tried moving off to one
side, the noise would alert the man - so I knew the only option was to
allow him to shit right on my head.Suddenly, the man’s ass exploded, and I felt wet, runny diarrhea falling
down into my hair, and running down over my face. The smell was
completely filthy, and I struggled hard not to gag - I couldn’t allow
this man to find me now. A few second went by, and then more diarrhea
was dumped onto me. I could hear the man wiping himself, and then the
feel of the toilet paper as it fell over my face, sticking to me. The
man rose from the seat, and just then, the light flipped on - I looked
up to see Dr. Penteck standing Nymphets Lolitas above me. “Did you like that?”, he asked
in a soft voice. I felt so overcome with anger that Nymphets Lolitas I couldn’t even
speak. “Stay there for a second”, he said, “while I get the rope and
help you out of there”.He left and returned seconds later, dropping the rope Nymphets Lolitas into the hole. I
pulled myself up, crawling out of the hole. “You Nymphets Lolitas really stink”, Dr.
Penteck said, matter-of-factly. I glared at him.”How can you be angry?”, he asked. “I allowed you to experience the
greatest sex you ever had, and let you live out fantasies you never Nymphets Lolitas
thought you’d experience”.I said nothing, pushing past him and out of the outhouse. I walked up
towards Nymphets Lolitas his house - the yard was empty except for Manuel. When he saw
me, he began to laugh. “Look at you!”, he said, pointing at me. “You
look disgusting!”.I walked passed him and into the bathroom, leaving a trail of slushy
shit behind me all of the way. I had a certain feeling of satisfaction
imagining Dr. Penteck cleaning his floor the next day.I got into the shower, and washed all of the filth from my body. I
stayed there for at least 45 minutes before I felt completely clean. My Nymphets Lolitas
filthy clothes lay on a pile on the floor - I obviously couldn’t put
those back on.I left the washroom in search of Dr. Penteck - I would need to borrow
some clothes. I decided that, until I was safely away from his home, I
would be polite and not make any scene. But I was already imagining how
I planned to blackmail Dr. Penteck for what he had put me through. I
knew he had a lot of money, and I felt I deserved to see a considerable
amount of it in order to keep me from exposing how unethical he had been
with this “study”.I found Dr. Penteck and Manuel in the living room, watching T.V.”I’ll need to borrow some clothes”, I said.Dr. Penteck looked at me - “Sit down”, he said, waving to a chair. I
sat down.”I know you aren’t very pleased at what Nymphets Lolitas
has occurred here today”, he
said. I sat silent, determined to stick with my plan of not getting
angry with him tonight. “You need to know that the contract you signed with me warned you in
specific terms about what might happen to you during this experiment -
but you chose not to read it”.I still sat in silence. So what if the contract warned me? Nymphets Lolitas It was
still completely unethical, and Nymphets Lolitas I was certain he would not want to lose
his license over this incident. “You also need to know something else”, Dr. Penteck said. Manuel
snickered at this point, but said nothing.Dr. Penteck took the remote control in his hand, and pointed it toward
the T.V. Suddenly, I was on the screen, falling toward Manuel, and
helping him rip off my clothes. I couldn’t believe it! “You mean you
filmed this whole fucking thing?!”, I shouted.Manuel answered with a laugh - “Yup - every second is on film - even the
stuff in the outhouse. You should see the look on your face when my
shit lands on it”. He snickered again.I jumped at the video machine, determined to grab the tape. Dr. Penteck
raised his voice - “It’s no use - this is just a copy. I have the
original hidden away”.I slumped back into my chair. “The whole thing is on film?”, I
repeated, to no one in particular.”Yup”, Manuel said again with glee, “Except of course, for the times
when the party guests were pissing on you - that was all taped, but due
to the darkness, you can’t see what’s going on. You can only hear the
sound of them pissing on your face. Pssssssssss”.I looked at the T.V. again, seeing and hearing myself begging Manuel to
shit in my mouth. “That’s a great scene”, Manuel said.”So”, Dr. Penteck said, “in case you have any ideas about suing me or
doing anything along those lines, you should know that this film will
find its way into the porn market if you try anything like that - and as
far as what’s shown in the film, it seems pretty clear that you are
totally a willing participant in these acts”.I knew I was trapped, and I knew that I could not threaten Dr. Penteck
with blackmail. Instead, he was basically blackmailing me.I left his house and drove back to my place in silence. As the days
passed, I tried my best to forget about what had occurred. I had to
admit that I’d had some really fun sex with Manuel - it was completely
disgusting, but at the time, had been overwhelmingly erotic. And the
orgasm I’d had - I doubted I would ever feel anything that good again.About a week after the experience at Dr. Penteck’s place, I was home
watching T.V., when my door bell rang. It was Manuel.”What the hell are you doing here?”, I asked him rudely.”Just thought I’d drop by to say hello”, he said, brushing past me and
heading for my couch.He stretched out on my sofa and looked up at me. “Why don’t you bring
me a beer”, he said.”I don’t want you here Nymphets Lolitas
- I want you to leave, Manuel”.Manuel pulled a couple of video’s out of his back pack. He waved them
at me, and smiled. “I invited a couple of buddies to watch a video over
here this afternoon”, he said. “I have two video’s we could watch:
Either a Sylvester Stallone film, or the one we made at Dr. Penteck’s
place last week. Which one do you want to see?”I glared at Manuel as he smiled back at me. “Why don’t you bring me a
beer”, he said again.I went into the kitchen and got him the beer. “Now”, he said, popping it open, “the guys should be arriving in half an
hour or so”. He looked up at me and smiled. “In the meantime”, he
continued, “I have to take a dump”.written by loop_fruit
email encouraged: loop_fruithotmail.com
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